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NOLA Bags is proudly ACL stamped and offers ACL approved bags

ACL Recreational equipment (ACL REC) is meant for fun, non-competitive cornhole play. The equipment specifications vary widely as size and quality of construction takes a back seat to just having fun. ACL REC equipment is typically purchased by casual fans and players of cornhole looking for a fun tailgate or backyard game. 

ACL Competitive equipment (ACL COMP) is within the general equipment guidelines established by the ACL Rules and Regulations for cornhole competitions. It is acceptable for competitive play and is allowed to be used in certain ACL sanctioned events. ACL COMP equipment is typically purchased by fans, players and organizers that want to run competitive events but are not concerned about the highest level of competition. 

ACL Professional equipment (ACL PRO) is used by ACL Pro players and required for all ACL Pro and other special events.  Any players, organizers, or fans that want to use what the Pros use need to look for this designation prior to any purchase.

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